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Individual Support

(individuals and professionals)

  • Are you at a turning point of your professional life in a stressful economic environment ?
  • Did you experience a professional break and your come back is difficult ?
  • Are you looking for some gratitude and/or some meaning to your work ?
  • Are you afraid not to be able to assert yourself ?
  • Do you wish to evolve professionally and/or personally ?
  • Do you want to plan yourself ahead with confidence ?
  • Do you have the impression to be on the fringes of your professional sphere ?
  • Do you wish to be completely an "actor" of your life ?

"I have known some of these questionings and I finally found my way, my solution, so
why not YOU ?

My mission : The positive image !"

With EssentiElle, reconnect to your Basics !

Today, I am supporting women in :

  •   - Taking or taking back self-confidence
  •   - Professional decision-making

so that they gain back in energy and motivation for THEIR future.
ARANSI suggests you its "EssentiElle" coaching box
EssentiElle 3
EssentiElle 5
EssentiElle 10
In my custom-made approach, we can agree on using other formats suitable for your more specific needs.
Do not hesitate to contact me to talk about it.

loupe1st session for free and without any commitment.
What happens during this 1st session ?
It consists of an exploratory conversation with the coach.
It allows to make the introductions, to answer all the questions about the supporting process and to offer you a talking space on your objectives and challenges.

The + ARANSI :
The opportunity for you to arrange with your coach a free additional appointment of "evaluation" (1h30), a few months after the end of the coaching "to take stock".