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Eden / The Mascot of ARANSI

Eden - Mascotte ARANSI

Who is Eden ?

Eden, this vegetal character made of bamboo that you may have perceived in the pages of our website, is the mascot of ARANSI.

Eden : the genesis

We wanted to fully expressed the DNA of ARANSI.
And while we were telling tales and stories to our children, we had the idea to give life to the character of EDEN and to associate Our own story to him.
Just like the work we realize with our customers, the birth of EDEN has required the intervention of a team, federated around a common objective to give life to a vision.
Of this nice example of co-construction was born EDEN, a character the image of us, stamped with :
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Dynamism
  • Professionalism
and also
  • Of introspection
  • Of Zen
  • Of environmental and personal ecology !

To us, Eden illustrates perfectly :
  • - The values of ARANSI : Ethics, Respect, Confidence and Adaptability
  • - The complementarity of our professions : Supporting and Training
  • - Our specificity which we like to summarize in our ability
    "to be serious without taking us seriously"

Why the name "Eden" ?

This name culturally makes reference to the garden of Eden, a place where the man lived in accordance with his environment.
In the current context, Eden joins so perfectly in our ambition : "To facilitate the symbiosis of Men and Organizations".

The specificity ARANSI :

To be serious without taking us seriously